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OlfaCom® is worldwide patented technology by AC2i and Michel Pozzo. It allows high fidelity fragrance and flavors broadcast of perfumes or any other volatile substances thanks to removable cartridges.
Each cartridge is reconized by the system thanks to a numerical code that corresponds to a given aroma, parfume or any other substance it may contain.
Comparable to any PC peripherical system, the device can be piloted using a cable connected to a serial port or cable free using Wifi, making it 100% autonomous.
The picture on the upper right of this screen shows the latest product OlfaTest®which is disposable as well as recyclable.For more information about this new product, please contact us.

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The latest product
OlfaTest®is disposable.

    New product
    on piles or batteries and
   exchangeable cartridge

photos AC2i / OlfaTest

OlfaCom® device,
cartridge and adaptor
Multiple cable connexion OlfaCom®

Multimedia Olfactive Diffuser without remanence.

OlfaCom®is neither an aerosol nor a spray, it does not project liquid particles nor solid yet reproduces with constant intensity every nuance of complex fragrance compound.

Cinema has undergone a constant evolution since its inception. One can expect it will reach paramount once it will show 3D, surround audio... and scents.
60 Years after Barjavel’s first trial to associate image, sound and smell, OlfaCom® achieved his goal. Michel Pozzo and AC2i have developed a user friendly contraption that makes it a reality.

Olfactive speakers coupled with imagery display project fragrances and flavors towards the audience.
Each speaker contains several diffusers fitted with easily interchangeable cartridges. The whole system can be piloted from a PC ( for editing olfactive scenarios).
The quality and fidelity of the olfactive rendering is one of OlfaCom® advantages. The compounds
are supplied by leading flavors and fragrances manufacturers. They are assimilated into polyether block amide PEBA through a process kept secret. The aromatic Master batch is then imprisoned inside a capsule, itself placed inside the cartridge.

A ventilation system provides an air flow that runs through the latter and charges itself with dry molecules of fragrant PEBA that perfumes the atmosphere.
A convenient editing software triggers or stops the gate opening in a timely fashion.

The odor diffusion lastingness is thereby controlled so to avoid superimposition of scents, making it possible for director to truly stage olfactive special effects.
Cartridges are recognized by the system and their functioning is only authorized provided it has the correct ID code. Howerever, a pressure button is also available to manually start the diffuser for a short burst of scented air.
Broadcasted on DVD or CD Rom, one will find OlfaCom® useful for odour learning, museum
displays, advertising campaigns and eventually in movie theatres (using digital technology) or
even home theatres. As it is adapted to Internet, OlfaCom® facilitates e-commerce, e-learning as well as any olfactive communication process.
Already set with hundreds of scented references, Michel Pozzo regularly enriches his production on customers’ request.

AC2i / OlfaCom
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From 27 to 28 May 2014
VitaeLia first exhibition
of Well-being in the business,
Stand 49, Palais des congres
Porte Maillot Paris.
OlfaZen® first presentation,
the result of a synergy:
Patty Canac, Michel Pozzo
En avant-première, mais première mondiale !...
Vendredi 5 décembre 2008 à 20h30 à l’Auditorium Les Palmiers de Hyères
Casino, 1 av. Ambroise Thomas, 83400 Hyères...
Au Cristal Business Club
Présentation de la technologie OlfaCom version XBee (WiFi).
Un accord parfait de diffusion d’odeurs et projection de films publicitaire, en temps réel.
Odeurs, Images, Sons, en absence de toute rémanence olfactive.