The diffuseur comprises:
a micro engine, a ventilation system, an electronic motherboard and an interchangeable cartridge that can all be piloted from a PC

System Piloting :  
The command card allows controlling the olfactive diffuser. It is fitted with a 89C2051 micro controller from the 8051 familly to achieve intelligent operation.

      It can be operated from an external equipment using the com link RS232. A push button located on the front side of the device allows autonomous command. Cartridges are coded and only allow functioning provided valid ID codes are recognized.

Electrical feed :
12 V filtered, non-regulated - 500mA
Fonctioning :
Micro controller family 8051 
Cartridge-type detection
Maker recognition, range of products
Control :
RS 232 interface - sub-d 9 female - null modem 1200 bps 8 bits - no parity - 1 stop bit
Opening push button integrated to the motherboard
Configuration :
Memory - non volatile
Operating temperatures :
0° to 70° Celsius
Dimensions of diffuser :
175 mm X 125 mm X 90 mm
Cartridge :
60 mm X 60 mm X 47 mm
Several years shelf lift. Cartridge  lifecycle vary between 25 and 35 000 cycles of 5 in 7 seconds bursts on average depending on the products.
Weight :
0,8 Kg - in operating mode with cartridge

The diffuser has a one year warranty
No guarantee on the cartridges, excepting  product defects.

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From 27 to 28 May 2014
VitaeLia first exhibition
of Well-being in the business,
Stand 49, Palais des congres
Porte Maillot Paris.
OlfaZen® first presentation,
the result of a synergy:
Patty Canac, Michel Pozzo
En avant-première, mais première mondiale !...
Vendredi 5 décembre 2008 à 20h30 à l’Auditorium Les Palmiers de Hyères
Casino, 1 av. Ambroise Thomas, 83400 Hyères...
Au Cristal Business Club
Présentation de la technologie OlfaCom version XBee (WiFi).
Un accord parfait de diffusion d’odeurs et projection de films publicitaire, en temps réel.
Odeurs, Images, Sons, en absence de toute rémanence olfactive.