Sectors of applications as examples.

Perfume shop


Size 100 X 100 X 25mm
  Taken out in facing with cartridge                                   Taken out cheek with cartridge

For olfactive tests without pollution and without persistence, allowing so testing a multitude of products without olfactive satisfaction and without environmental pollution.

Size:  95 X 125 X 185mm
 OlfaCom with Cartridge with identification
For the promotion of a new product,

The olfactive animation of a point of sale with several products

Training in smells

The olfactive animation of films, photos, sounds and video



Size 180 X 180 X 135mm
            Open                                                               Close
For the olfactive atmosphere of a place of 70 m2 about, with multiple possibilities, programming and of detection
The group of these products adapts itself to the multimedia:
Olfactive animation of CD - Cinema - DVD - Advertisement - Theatre - TV - Video - Games.


And also:


In Alternative medicine:


Aromatherapy - Olfactotherapy

Test of search of certain allergies

Treatment of desensibilisation


Attractive or repulsive:

Insects or mammals ecologically by diffusing pheromones


Disinfection’s - Decontamination - Well being perfuming of the motor cockpit, the planes, the boats,

Bus, buses, subway, taxis and any vehicle generally.


Olfactive animation of: educational games, training in smells, of 

Recipes, etc....


Among others:

From 1999, GUERLAIN developed an interactive multimedia border equipped with the OlfaCom ® technology allowing so discovery simultaneous, in the choice, the olfactive notes of products presented with audio messages person with a strong visual sense, activated by way of a touch-sensitive screen of navigation.



From 27 to 28 May 2014
VitaeLia first exhibition
of Well-being in the business,
Stand 49, Palais des congres
Porte Maillot Paris.
OlfaZen® first presentation,
the result of a synergy:
Patty Canac, Michel Pozzo
En avant-première, mais première mondiale !...
Vendredi 5 décembre 2008 à 20h30 à l’Auditorium Les Palmiers de Hyères
Casino, 1 av. Ambroise Thomas, 83400 Hyères...
Au Cristal Business Club
Présentation de la technologie OlfaCom version XBee (WiFi).
Un accord parfait de diffusion d’odeurs et projection de films publicitaire, en temps réel.
Odeurs, Images, Sons, en absence de toute rémanence olfactive.