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World’s first automatic perfume vials dispenser

Photo AC2i / OlfaCom ®

OlfaCom ® is exclusivity integrated to " the bee Hive" concept developped by Partick Tardif, BB’S Point Parfums.
It consists of an automatic distribution system for mini sprays, vials and test samples as well as miniature perfume bottles.
The contraption combines a screen, a coin slot, a product dispenser and an integrated olfactive tester
"exclusively OlfaCom ®" all in one device called "the bee hive

Where can you see it?:

From time to time in airports, train stations and occasional shopping malls.


For applications in direct competition with the "bee hive" concept we are unable to supply OlfaCom ® products due to an exclusive agreement because a contract exclusivity of use of the technology in this concept is signed with BB’S Point Parfums.

Warning: decline responsibilities for the use OlfaCom ® equipment in this application category without prior written consent.





The Parfum’bar at theParis fair 2005

Photo AC2i / OlfaCom ®

For more information:

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From 27 to 28 May 2014
VitaeLia first exhibition
of Well-being in the business,
Stand 49, Palais des congres
Porte Maillot Paris.
OlfaZen® first presentation,
the result of a synergy:
Patty Canac, Michel Pozzo
En avant-première, mais première mondiale !...
Vendredi 5 décembre 2008 à 20h30 à l’Auditorium Les Palmiers de Hyères
Casino, 1 av. Ambroise Thomas, 83400 Hyères...
Au Cristal Business Club
Présentation de la technologie OlfaCom version XBee (WiFi).
Un accord parfait de diffusion d’odeurs et projection de films publicitaire, en temps réel.
Odeurs, Images, Sons, en absence de toute rémanence olfactive.